Thursday, April 2, 2009

2009 eggs!

Here are the 2009 eggs in our incubator! There is a lot of preparation involved. First we have to count the days on the calendar so they will start hatching on Easter weekend! It takes 21 days for incubation. So we have to make sure we have ordered the fertile eggs, get the incubator ready and at the correct temperature and then wait!
Every day, Connor's job is to check the temperature and the humidity levels. The water bucket that keeps the trays inside moist have to be filled every few days.
The gray metal trays holding the eggs, tilt every half an hour.
Our estimated hatching time is for next Friday, Good Friday!
We will photograph the process and post the images to the blog so you and your little ones can enjoy the experience with us.
Stay tuned! Keep Smiling, Robin

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